Here at milestone, we work for you not for the lender or anyone else.

“Hi! We’re the milestone team.

We founded milestone to help consumers navigate through the homebuying journey a system that many find rushed, overwhelming and stacked against them.

We’ve served countless homebuyers in real estate, lending and financial planning over the last decade.  But here at milestone, we work for you – not a lender or a real estate company or anyone else.

Our Commitment to You.

We will provide experienced, independent guidance that will help you achieve a high degree of confidence in your financing decisions, resulting in less stress and more financial benefits from your home purchase. Whether in the form of one-time consultations, our Homebuyer Readiness Program, or custom-tailored services, we want to use our expertise to help. We use our finance backgrounds to help consumers make educated and deliberate decisions in the homebuying journey – reducing stress and saving them tons of money.


Homebuyer Readiness Program

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Prepare yourself for the homebuying journey

milestone believes savvy, knowledgeable consumers always get the best deals. We help homebuyers gain essential understanding when it comes to basic real estate concepts, terminology, lender types and programs, and we will help you determine if your current situation gives you access to the best financing options available.

milestone leans on industry experience to lay out a specific roadmap, provide resources and recommend a timeline to improve your current situation. By the end of the process, we will certify you Homebuyer Ready, enabling you to continue the path of success toward homeownership.

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Put your team together and begin the search

Now that you’re armed with knowledge that’ll make your homebuying journey more pleasant, milestone will help you assemble and mobilize your team. You’ll need a lender and a real estate agent, and you may need a home improvement partner and other extended team members as well. But don’t worry! milestone will empower you to evaluate and select the right partners, help you get pre-approved for financing and get you on the road to finding the right home.

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Secure the home that's meant for you

With milestone’s help, your roadmap for success will lead you to the right home. But you may have to navigate past competing offers and other hurdles to get to the finish line. milestone will help you engage your team and develop a winning strategy. We’ll help you leverage your preparation and strengths to optimize your negotiating position. And after you put in that great effort and feel the rush of actually winning the deal, we’ll keep your feet on the ground and guide you through your due diligence and financing choices. You’ll understand the true value of discount points, grants and seller/lender concessions offered to you, and make an informed decision on your interest rate lock.

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Make it through the most difficult portion of the journey with confidence

Good news—one of life’s biggest events is on the horizon! However, the final leg of the homebuying journey is often the most difficult. Home inspection concerns, appraisal problems, endless underwriting conditions and other issues can unfortunately create a very stressful experience. But with milestone by your side, you’ll be ready to complete your loan, go to settlement and close with the confidence that you made the wisest choices possible.

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The Homebuying Journey

Buying a home is a big deal!

No matter how near or far you are to taking that dive, you should have an advocate on your side with
your interests in mind.

Take a look at all the ways milestone's experienced advisors can guide you down the path to your perfect home.

I am
less than 1 year1-3 years
1-3 yearsless than 1 year
away from buying a home.

The Fast Track

Qualifying Questions:

Have you already found your dream home?

Are you currently working with a real estate agent?

Have you had difficulty getting pre-approved?

This gives us plenty of time to craft and mold a financially powerful homebuyer. We?ll help you focus your finances toward your future home purchase and make wise decisions every step of the way.

Warm-up Wisdom

Buying a home is a big decision and a huge responsibility. To get you in the right frame of mind, milestone will help you explore your money patterns and their sources.

What have you been taught about personal finance?

Are you currently experiencing any financial stress?

Are you able to stick to a budget and put away savings?


Financial Planning

We may recommend sitting down with a financial planner to talk over financial strategy leading up to homeownership. Together, you?ll come up with an action plan and work towards building fiscal and credit strength.


Stepping on the Gas

With clarity on your broader financial plan, you will begin the real estate and mortgage planning phase.


Homebuyer Readiness Program

Chuck, Certified Financial Planner™

I don’t hesitate referring my clients to Van. His thoroughness and skillfulness are of tremendous value, particularly for those who have not purchased a home before and don’t know how to review and negotiate their financing options.

Take a minute to reach out to milestone with your questions and comments today.

We are here to assist you in every way possible during your homebuying journey. While our services are designed to be sponsored by our vetted partners, we do provide direct fee options for those who prefer to take their own individual journey.