Homebuyers have
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Homebuyer Planning and Strategies from Expert Insiders

Who We Are

Our singular mission is to help homebuyers make decisions with a higher degree of confidence.

We are a unique participant in the homebuying process and the secret sauce behind a successful homebuying experience. We educate, encourage and provide smart advice that leads to a more pleasant and more affordable homebuying journey with the lender and real estate agent you choose.

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Why Hire Us?

Informed buyers make smarter decisions.

Without independent education and inside support, you will end up getting steered by commission-income salespeople whose interests are not aligned with yours. It’s a system that may cost you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, plus a lot of stress.

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What We Provide

Think of milestone as your personal consultant and advocate.

We will personally train, advise and support you through the homebuying journey, from query to closing and beyond. Our Homebuyer Readiness Program will allow you to control your own homebuying destiny by empowering you to set the terms and expectations for your mortgage lender and agent—not the other way around.

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Homebuyer Readiness Program

Step 1: Plan

Gain the knowledge you need to create the ideal homebuying experience

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Step 2: Mobilize

Assemble your team and get on the road to homeownership

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Step 3: Negotiate

Navigate the hurdles between you and your perfect home

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Step 4: Close

Cross the finish line with comfort and confidence

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See How This Works

We are here to assist you in every way possible during your homebuying journey.