Frequently Asked Questions

How do you provide the service?

We will schedule your sessions in a way that accommodates your needs and intersects with the timing and stages of your home purchase. The average session takes 45-60 minutes and can be done in person, by phone or by video meeting.

Who will be my milestone planner?

Offering high-quality service through a seasoned and credentialed homebuying expert is the cornerstone of our business. milestone founder and homebuying insider Van Papadopoulos will be your coach and advocate, ensuring you optimal results from one of the best in the business!

Can't I just figure this stuff out on my own with help from family, friends or my financial advisor?

Excellent question. You can get general support online and through others, but only an inside expert can give you current, relevant and customized support. General resources may help you avoid a bad deal, but milestone will empower you to achieve the best results with the least stress. Since a mortgage is a huge loan, the financial implication of getting a great deal over an average deal is, well, huge.

Seriously, how much can this service help me?

As a point of reference:

The smallest possible improvement in interest rate on a typical $300,000 mortgage will save you around $8000 in interest.

“Junk fees” and negotiable fees typically account for $500-$1000 in closing costs:

  • Poor choices in program, term, rate lock and credit preparedness can cost you additional thousands of dollars

Underwriting problems and delayed settlement can add serious anxiety to an already stressful process and put your housing situation in limbo.

Think of milestone as an investment in yourself with an ROI of reducing the time and effort it takes to buy your home.

Can I contact you outside of our sessions when I have a question?

Absolutely, as long as your question is relevant to the session or plan you have signed up for. Under the Homebuyer Readiness Program, you will have access to the broadest range of answers and insights.

Do you provide mortgage loans?

No, we provide education, planning, advice and support.

What does this service cost?

When we built this company, we had a vision that institutional leaders and partners would do things differently to advocate for the homebuyer. To make this happen, we started influencing and partnering with companies that share our vision. We are lucky to now have a robust portfolio of partners ready to sponsor you through our Homebuyer Readiness Program. While our services are designed to be sponsored by these vetted partners, we do provide direct fee options for those who prefer to take their own individual journey.

What is the benefit of direct fee services?

milestone disrupts the traditional commission-based model, where the homebuyer relies on advice from those who are also attempting to sell their own products and transaction partners. Loan officers and real estate agents are ultimately salespeople who are incentivized to complete transactions quickly; they are not objective and not independent. Our model empowers you to set the terms and expectations for your lender and agent—not the other way around.

More questions?
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