Digital practices and tools are putting buyers on the fast track to homeownership. But what we’re realizing now is that the fast track isn’t always best for the consumer. [Name of company/agency that administered the survey] just published the results of the 2018-2019 [name of survey], and the findings are critical for potential homebuyers.

Two thirds of millennial homebuyers are having buyer remorse. Two thirds! That means a large majority of people in the highest-growing segment of U.S. homebuyers are regretting their purchase, stating they rushed into the process without fully understanding the high costs of homeownership, among other factors. While these numbers are shocking, this presents an opportunity for us to rethink how we approach the homebuying process in the digital age.

About a year ago I began to recognize this trend, leaning on anecdotal evidence and good ol’ common sense. I noticed people increasingly starting their homebuying search on Zillow—people who were then bombarded with sales calls from realtors and lenders and emotionally stimulated by an onslaught of social media posts and newly listed home alerts. The end result was that many of them rushed into the homebuying process with the tenacity and laser focus that only commission-based sales people could possibly benefit from.

So today I’m introducing a new company called milestone. Our singular mission is to educate, prepare, and empower people to make more intentional homebuying decisions so they can end up wealthier, happier people. A very simple mission. And perhaps now, according to this survey, THE SINGLE most important mission of this era in real estate.

milestone provides a fee-based planning service to prospective homebuyers. We don’t make commission off of your home purchase. Instead, we help people become homebuyer-ready by providing expert advice, tools, and ongoing advocacy at every step of the process. We encourage real estate companies and lenders to sponsor buyers to go through our program.

Whether it takes a month or a year for our clients to feel truly ready to by their first home, we’re here every step of the way. Our goal is to save buyers money and stress so they become happy homeowners. Every other major player in the homebuying industry is built on a model that prioritizes speed over planning.

Milestone is here to change that.